John Robert Pennington



"Wow!" is all I can mutter when nature slams its splendor like a ton of bricks into my view. I have been enamored with moments such as the Portland Head Light illuminating the crashing waves that caressed Maine's shoreline; the dawn's morning light kissing the broad face of Half-Dome; a monster storm cloud rampaging through Shenandoah's pleasant valley. In these experiences, I have learned one important lesson when chasing nature's fleeting moments - the camera's limited iris is a poor substitute to the irises of my eyes.  While the camera will never comprehend my own sight, what drives my photography is to portray nature's glory in a manner that honors my experiences.


When I am not hiking the wilderness, I enjoy making homemade pasta, cooking steaks sous-vide, launching model rockets with my son, dancing with my two daughters, and cuddling with my wife while watching Stranger Things.